Buy and sell at a branch

At a branch

We have been specialising in precious metals trading for over 120 years. You can buy or sell via our branch network, at the best possible terms, in an proper environment, and get the advice from an expert.


We offer a wide range of gold or silver product investment products.  Ingots, coins for all budgets. Click here to check our products Available in all our branches. Click here to find the nearest branch.


You can sell any of your assets in gold or silver (second hand jewelry, ingots, coins, silverware, dental or industrial waste etc.) in our branches. Our consultants will appraise your assets and will make an offer based on the official market prices (london fixing). You will immediately get paid in cash in the currency of your choice. We work with certified scales, in accordance with the law, and we comply with both environment and business ethics.

Trust us,like over 400,000 clients do!

You can't move with your assets ?

Check our free Postpack service.


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